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1. wedge anchor There are no high requirements for concrete void depth and cleanliness, easy to install, and the price is not expensive. Choose appropriate embedding depth according to the thickness of the fixed roof. With the increase of embedding depth, the tension increases. This product has reliable expansion functionThis product has longer threads and is easy to install, and is often used in heavy load service. To obtain reliable, large fastening force, it is necessary to make sure that the clip that is attached to the gecko is fully expanded. And the expansion clip ring must not be detached from the rod or twisted in the hole. 2. Applicable to concrete and dense natural stone, metal structure, metal profile, bottom plate, support plate, bracket, railing, window, curtain wall, machine, girder, truss, bracket and so on.
Name wedge anchor
Model M8-M60
Surface treatment zinc
Material Carbon steel, stainless steel
Standard DINGB
1. The end of the pipe in the tube plate hole of the carrepair gecko is rolled so that the inner wall of the pipecontinues to expand, resulting in plastic deformation, the pipe diameter increases, the pipe head is completelyattached to the hole wall of the tube plate, and the  tube plate is forced to produce elastic deformation. When the tube expander is removed, the elastic deformatio of the tube plate wants to be restored to its original state, and the plastic deformation of the tube end cannot be restored. The result is that the tube plate holds the tube end tightly, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing no leakage and firmly connecting the two. The advantages of the car repair gecko are mainly concentrated in the following aspects: 1. In addition to standard anchorage depth for installation, each anchor bolt size can also be used for shallow burial depth, which provides greater flexibility during installation 2. Long thread, suitable for spacing type installation, and flexible adjustment 3. Prevents thread damage when the bolt is drilled into the hole, and the embossing of the head gives a clear indication of the embedded depth.

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