DIN912 Gr10.9 Black Oxide Bolt Screws Hexagon Socket Head Allen Bolt Zinc Plated Allen Hexagon Socket Extra Long Hex Machine Bolts

Cylindrical head hexagon screws, also referred to as hexagon bolts, cup head screws, hexagon screws, its name is not the same, but the meaning is the same. Commonly used hex socket cylindrical head screws, there are 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Also called hex socket screw, also called hex socket bolt. Its head is hexagonal, also cylindrical head There are 4.8 class hexagon socket head screws, 8.8 class hexagon socket head screws, 10.9 class hexagon socket head screws, and 12.9 class hexagon socket head screws. Class 8.8 -12.9 hexagon socket head screws are called high strength and high grade hexagon socket bolts.

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Handan Chang Lan Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. formerly Yongnian Tiexi Changhe fastener factory was large-scale standard fastener manufacturer in Yongnian District. The company is located in standard fastener distribution center of Hebei Yongnian, covering an area of 3,050 square meters, was close to Tianjin Port and Qingdao ports, export is very convinedtly. The company has multi position cold heading machine, model 12b, 14b, 16b, 24b, 30b, 33b; has hot forging machine, model has 200 tons, 280 tons, 500 tons, 800 tons;

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Has a variety of supporting equipment, including rolling machine, rolling machine, oil press, etc. for bolts, nuts, double stud bolts , foundation bolts and complete product testing equipment. With an experienced technical research and development team, high-quality management personnel and spacious production environment.Hex bolt according to the hardness of screw wire, carry tension, yield strength is a grade classification, namely the level of hex bolt, hex bolt is what level. Different products and materials, different grades of hex bolts are required to correspond to it, hex bolts all have the following grades: Hexagon bolts are divided into ordinary and high strength bolts according to grade strength. Common hexagon bolts refer to 4.8, high strength hexagon bolts refer to 8.8 or above, including 10.9 and 12.9. Class 12.9 socket head screws are generally knurled, natural color black socket head screws with oil. Similar to countersunk head screw, the nail head is embedded in the machine, and the connection strength is larger, but the screw must be installed and removed with the corresponding specification of hexagon socket wrench. Generally used in all kinds of machine tools and accessories  
Product name Hexagon socket bolt
Brand CL
Product model M6-200
Surface treatment Black、galvanized、Hot dip galvanized
Material Carbon steel
Standard DIN、GB
About the material Our company can customize other different materials different specifications can be customized

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